Quatro Solutions stands as a specialized consultancy with a focus on the energy and commodity markets. Our expertise lies in the implementation and enhancement of both vendor and in-house solutions. We offer pragmatic, best-practice advice on business processes and the necessary systems to support them.

In keeping with our commitment to efficient collaboration, we engage with client staff, maintaining small project teams and cost-effective budgets. Our emphasis is on delivering precisely what the business requires. Our project leads possess the experience and gravitas to offer robust and pragmatic advice to senior management, a proven approach time and again.

Since our inception in 1996, we have navigated the diverse terrain of trading, covering a broad spectrum of commodities and front-to-back business processes. Specializing in integrating energy and commodity trading with treasury management and finance, we provide comprehensive tools for managing the entire commodities trading business.

In recent times, our focus has expanded to include physical biofuels trading. This involves addressing the complexities of waterborne and storage activities along with the management of sustainability certificates across multiple jurisdictions, solidifying our position as the leading European consultancy in biofuels trading solutions.

With a seasoned team boasting extensive experience in Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) application implementation, Qsol distinguishes itself through proficiency and dedication. Our team members, hailing from diverse backgrounds such as investment banking and engineering, accumulate over 100 years of combined experience. From principal consultants to junior consultants, our experts specialize in various aspects of ETRM, including requirement gathering, development, testing, and analysis. We are committed to delivering top-notch services throughout the entire implementation cycle, ensuring the success of your project.

In 2023, we doubled our core team and expanded our network of consultants, enabling us to bring the right skill sets and expertise to any project.

We have fostered close working relationships with software vendors in the energy and commodities sectors. Notably, we were chosen as a key implementation partner for Molecule’s ETRM solution, Agiboo’s CTRM solution, and Xceptor’s Confirmations & Invoicing solution. These partnerships empower us to extend our expertise in vendor products and client businesses, streamlining the implementation of the products in return.